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Automated Inspection Solutions made for you

No matter what specific requirements you have, our inspection solutions will help improve yield and quality


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Building Successful Solutions Since 2003

Our technology is patented and allows us to offer amazing inspection solutions throughout the most complex of requirements. 

Almost all of our system use the same powerful software package called SPIN, that lets engineers easily set up new products within minutes. 

Innovative ideas

In combination with our partners we offer innovative handling concepts

Yield improvement

Improved automatic measurements and statistic allow for better yield

Safe And Secure

Quality and tracability throghout the entire process

The Right Choice

The STRATUS solutions are the best choice on the world market for the in-line inspection and offline inspection of unpopulated structures like multilayer hybrids, LTCC/HTCC, Wafers, Chrome masks and other screen or stencil printed, electroplated or sputtered structures. In-line inspection, where the structure is inspected directly after the manufacturing process, is the best way to ensure quality and increase yield.

But also finished, or partly finished, substrates can be inspected very well with the STRATUS solutions. 

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Having customers and partners in all major markets around the globe we have been able to support production of the most innovative technology products. From Automotive, Consumer Electronics to Pharmaceuticals our customers produce leading technology.

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection

Our Core Technology is: Inspection of Ceramic Mulitlayer Hybrids, LTCCs, HTCCs, interposers, sensors and other substrates, whereby a camera (line scan or field camera) scans over the parts under test.

The STRATUS VISION AOI Systems will find typical defects (on wet or dry layers):

  • Print shifts
  • Scratches
  • Finger prints
  • Screen aging
  • Excess paste
  • Missing paste
  • Contamination
  • Screen defects (holes)
  • Wrong Screen
  • Substrate shrinking (LTCC)
  • VIA: Wrong position or diameter or non-circularity, not filled
  • Ditches (divots) or elevations

In-Line and Off-Line Inspection as well as any degree of automation can be delivered. The inspection process itself is always automatic, even on systems that are manually loaded/unloaded.


STRATUS VISION GmbH is holding the following patents (other patents pending):

  • German patent Nr. 10 2004 056 698
  • USA patent US 7,385,687 B2
  • Europe Patent # 186 4146