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Wincon Control system

Precise control and process optimization

Wincon™ is an advanced windows-based software system for controlling the operation of BTU reflow ovens and custom belt furnaces. Wincon combines both the simplicity of a graphical user interface with powerful diagnostic and analytical tools. Wincon is used in conjunction with BTU’s proprietary Intellimax2 control board on all BTU systems; including the Pyramax family of convection reflow ovens.


WINCON™ Reflow Oven Controller and Intellimax2 logoBTU custom furnaces and reflow ovens are powered by the proprietary Intellimax2 control board, an incredibly powerful, scalable and flexible control platform which delivers precise control to ensure process optimization and availability. Intellimax2 features faster core components resulting in significant performance improvement. Intelligent on-board data protection, faster analog sampling speeds and fast software downloads minimize downtime. The platform is purpose built to withstand the harshest of industrial environments.  The Intellimax platform has been powering BTU ovens and furnaces for the past decade; beginning with Wincon 6.0.


  • Wincon 7.0 introduces  Windows 10 compatibility
  •  Profile Guardian support for the new redundant oven monitoring system: a thermocouple probe is installed at product height. The software monitors deviation from established baseline, charts provide the user with simple data visualization, showing current status
  • Wincon 7.0 can only run on Intellimax2 control boards.   Users seeking to upgrade older software on older systems must also upgrade older control boards to Intellimax2.
  • Enhancements to RecipePro including: support added to add new pastes to the RecipePro database, plus option to modify or delete any existing paste specifications.
  • Diagnostic enhancements to simplify view for only inputs an outputs configured by the customer.
  • Energy Pilot – During idle production periods can reduce Electrical, Nitrogen and Air consumption.
  • Heat Up Soak Timer feature allows for equipment soak for a small amount of time to help stabilize before running product.
  • Open Loop Pressure Control – allows actual power output to always match the recipe setting.
  • N2 Idle – reduced flow mode – Wincon now supports this by transitioning into Setup mode, sampling only the source gas and requiring a shortened purge period when recovering and getting ready for product.
  • GEM Host Changes – GEM Host can now overwrite recipes including the active recipe. New status variables have been added for popularly requested items like: Conveyor, Rail and Temperature Setpoints. Host can remotely control Non Recipe Discrete Outputs, examples of this would be to turn on an Attention Light, or use the new Process Paused function to pause/resume production.
And many more useful features

Industry 4.0 solutions


View the Wincon Version History Chart to determine if your system can be upgraded to Wincon.  For more information or for a quote please contact BTU’s parts department at partsales@btu.com.


Controlling Furnace and Oven Operation with Recipes

Recipes control operation by designating such process parameters as temperature setpoints, temperatureFurnace and oven process parameters trim, alert and alarm deviation limits, belt speeds for single and multiple tracks, PID settings and other optional data. One step recipe editing introduced in Wincon 5.0, simplifies changing of data, and automatic recipe scheduling permits two or more recipes to be executed at a given time or after a designated event.

Alerts and Alarms

Alert and Alarm limits are incorporated in Wincon software to notify the operator about critical deviations from target setpoints. When this happens, an alarm message window will be displayed and an audible alarm will sound. Wincon allows you the option to continue to process product during alerts. You will still see the Alert on the screen but the overall process state will stay Ready. If the condition does get worse then an Alarm would occur and this would affect the overall process state and stop production.

Communicating with a Host Computer

Wincon supports SECS/GEM, through either an RS232 port or Ethernet.  The host can thereby monitor and control operation of the furnace from a remote location. OPC function is an alternative to GEM Host and provides a way for customers to extract data from the system using OPC clients.

A number of Industry 4.0 compatible communications protocols are available for BTU custom belt furnaces and reflow ovens. Learn more about these protocols.

Barcode Support

Wincon Barcode supports both handheld and fixed scanners for 1D linear barcodes and 2D Data Matrix barcodes. For automated lines fixed barcode scanners can be used to read the products’ barcode and verify that the correct recipe is running on the equipment. If the recipe is incorrect an alarm will be raised, alternatively if the equipment is empty the correct recipe can be loaded, when the recipe is ready the product will be loaded on to the tool. For manually loaded product a handheld scanner can be used to scan each product barcode before loading to verify the recipe is correct.

Data Collection and Reports

Wincon can log real-time data from the equipment. The data is stored in a database where it can be viewed, analyzed, or graphed. Data can be collected on process parameters like temperature, flow rate, pressure and a number of other parameters depending on the configuration of the equipment. The data is easily exported for analysis in any number of statistical programs.

When Help is Needed

Wincon features a comprehensive help function. The help system provides relevant information when help is needed in performing any operation using the control system.

To learn more about BTU’s Wincon reflow oven controller system contact BTU today