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Controlled atmosphere



These controlled atmosphere belt furnaces are available with temperature ranges up to 1150°C and with various process atmospheres including hydrogen and nitrogen.  BTU designs and manufactures inline controlled atmosphere furnaces for a number applications including:

Fast Fire Nitrogen and Hydrogen Belt FurnacesThese belt furnaces are fully customizable to meet varying process/production requirements.   Key features include:

  • Muffle construction for high purity N2 atmosphere operation
    • <2ppm O2 Inert atmosphere
    • National Fire Protection Association NFPA 86, NFPA-79 and UL508a safe atmosphere compliant
    • Made in the USA with high quality materials for maximum reliability
  • Left Center Right Trim
    • Improves part uniformity and yield
    • Uniform eutectic across plates
  • Gas Barrier
    • Superior atmosphere separation
    • <2ppm O2 Inert atmosphere
  • Cooling Eductors
    • Shorter foot prints
    • Controlled cooling of heavy loads

The Industry’s Best Atmosphere Control
Nitrogen | Hydrogen | Forming Gas | Argongas barrier technology for controlled atmosphere furnaces

BTU is the industry leader in atmosphere control for continuous furnaces.   Excellent atmosphere purity is achieved through the use of BTU’s patented gas barrier technology. In addition, BTU’s unique eductor technology can be used to enhance cooling or control process atmosphere.   The end result is superior efficiency, superior performance, and superior thermal uniformity.

BTU’s controlled atmosphere belt furnaces feature BTU’s proprietary WINCON™ control system.   WINCON features a simplified user interface and incredibly powerful analytical capabilities.

Contact BTU to learn more about how our controlled atmosphere belt furnaces save floor space and reduce costs all while shortening process times.