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Stratus Vision GmbH was founded in February 2003 by seven shareholders and is located in Graefelfing, just outside of the lovely city of Munich, Germany.

We are a young and dynamic team in a cosmopolitan environment. The company is directed by Heinrich Stenger and Jeri Stenger, who hold the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) positions respectively. The key engineers, Vincent Fitzgerald (Software), Damien Tobin (Projects & Concepts) and all other engineers have multiple decades of AOI experience.

The mission for Stratus Vision is the design and development of the most advanced AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) systems for the inspection of ceramic thick & thin film hybrids, for LTCC/HTCC and for other applications like inspection of medical sensors. New applications, like inspection of pressure sensors, chip verifications on wafers, etc. are also currently being developed.

Stratus Vision does not build automation mechanics. All the mechanics for automatic loading/unloading of parts are built by strong partners in Germany and Switzerland, like ASYS (Germany), TechnoSys (Switzerland), Schiller Automation and others.

Stratus Vision has world-wide customers and installations in Europe, USA, Singapore, China, Taiwan. The Asian territories are supported from PASS Ltd., our partner in Hong Kong (www.pass.com.uk).