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Our Inspection Solutions

Stratus III

Our most flexible and easy to use semi automatic inspection solution. This system is suited for most types of products and allows you to select from a wide range of optical and lighting solutions.

Inline Hybrid

Our fastest system yet. Based on a ASYS conveyor solution this system uses a linescan camera with multiple toplights and a backlight to offer inspection speeds of up to 2500mm²/s including handling.  This system is optimized for ceramic hybrids and PCBs and offers resolutions matching the layout requirements.

Stratus III Inline

Based on the same Platform as the STRATUS III this system is designed specifically for inline applications that can use a conveyor system. Through this approach the system is very flexible in  image acquisition and toplight definition.

Inline Flex

Our most flexible and reliable solution offering inspection on almost any product and almost any resolution. This solution goes from 0.5µm to 10µm optical resolution. It can handle boards, foils or carriers. The measurement capability of this system is up to 2.5µm over large distances while allowing very high throughput.