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SPIN Software

What drives our fantastic inspection solutions

Future major software developments

  • Support for OASIS
  • Deep Learning and automatic defect classification
  • SPIN CAD Modifications
  • High density speed and stability improvement
  • Updated statistics
  • Batch comparisson
  • Mask reduced inspection


  • Added 3D inspection
  • Added support for GDS files
  • Rendering of individual layers can now be switched on or off in DXF, DWG and GDS Cad models
  • Added Cad model scaling option
  • Added Reel to Reel inspection mode with MEGA SPEED blob evaluation


  • Improvements on the registration setup GUI of percent inspection.

  • Added lots of tooltips to fields in percent inspection setup GUI.

  • Added Product grouping on the Main tab.

  • Upgraded SPIN Installer. Added an option to install config and additional files during the setup process.

  • Added support to use UltimET motor controllers.
  • Added rotary calibration.

  • Bugfixes and improvements.


  • Added finer multi-threading to Percent Inspection. Instead of inspecting one frame on one thread, the inspection of a single frame is also multi-threaded. This speeds up the inspection in case there are not so many frames and a lot of CPU cores.
  • Improved CAD image memory cache. It can now return images that are contained in images in the cache. It cuts them out.
  • Added Print Shift Display upgrade¬†for Epcos.
  • Added support for new systems: Institute 715, Sensata.
  • Removed some old systems from the source code: Continental, Ceramtec, Keko, LineScanInterop.
  • Deleted Laser Cut Inspection. It was very old, not working and not used by anyone.
  • Bugfixes and improvements